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We Are
Alannah Young | The Life Coach School Australia

We set the standard for the life & wellness coaching industry.

How do we do this? We train the best teachers and coaches in the world and inspire individuals to care about their mental, spiritual and physical health by being an example of what's possible.

We show you how to use your mind to transform and make your biggest dreams come true.




Alannah Young is an Author and Coach on personal growth, human potential, and radical life change.

Prior to dedicating herself solely to her passion for sharing illumination and wisdom with the world, she was a successful leader in business, owning and running a million-dollar company at the age of 30.

A true lifelong learner, she continues to expand and build upon her already extensive educational background. She is described by those around her as a visionary and a polymath with an extensive library of wisdom.

Alannah has countless qualifications and certificates, the more notable ones including Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA); Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations & Organisational Communication (Minor in Marketing); Life Coach Certification; ICF Certified Coach (Internationally Accredited Coach); Wellness Coach Certification; Neurolinguistic Practitioner Certification; Vegan Chef Certification; Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification​; Performance Nutrition Coach Certification, Teacher Registration Licence, International Baccalaureate Organisation Administrators Certificate, Reiki Certification, Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Meditation Teacher Training Certification, Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Pranayama (Breathwork) Teacher Training Certification and Sound Therapy and Sound Healing Certification (Practitioner and Master).

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